Heather MacAndrew

Heather MacAndrew
Writer, Producer

977 Hampshire Road, Victoria, B.C, V8S 4S3
phone: (250) 598-1256 fax: (250) 598-1299

Documentary Films

Whatever the Cost – Hatley Park and the Dunsmuirs, writer, co-producer; 2016 A half hour film for Royal Roads University, on Victoria’s Dunsmuir dynasty and the building of Hatley Park, now a national historical site.

Hell: A Survivor’s Guide, co-producer. An hour long film about the concept of hell, for Vision TV/Zoomer Media, 2016.

The Fantastic Logic of Eternity, co-producer. An hour long film about the concept of eternity, for Vision TV/Zoomer Media, 2014

Patrick, Pagans and Party Animals, co-producer. An hour long documentary on the life of St. Patrick, for Vision TV/Zoomer Media, 2014

Apocalypse…When?, co-producer. A series of 6 programs about apocalyptic thought, for Vision TV/Zoomer Media, 2012.

Phantom at the Feast, co-producer, co-writer. A film about rituals and celebrations of death and ways of remembering. For Vision TV, 2010.

Making Progress, co-producer, writer. A 42 min. film about the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra for the GVYO’s 25th anniversary.

The Art of Observation: The Photographs of Ted Grant, co-producer, co-director, writer (for Bravo, Knowledge Network, SCN), an hour-long documentary about the veteran photojournalist and how his photographs have given us a sense of who we are as Canadians; 2001

Hijacked Future , consultant (Asterisk Prod. for Global TV’s “Global Currents”), an hour long film about the need for farmers to save seeds and the dangers of the increasing corporate control of seeds; 2006

Turning on the Tap, co-producer, writer, a short film for IDRC (International Development Research Council) on their Focus City project in Moreno, Argentina.

*COSA: a How To Video”, co-producer, interviewer, writer; a short non-broadcast film for COSA Victoria, on how to form a Circle of Support and Accountability group.

Fatherhood: Indigenous Mens Journeys, a non-broadcast documentary about Aboriginal fatherhood with the University of Victoria and Paul Wu, 2005.

Water Detectives, Writer, Co-Producer (National Film Board), a short film for children on a childrens water conservation project in the Mexican border town of Matamoros. Screened at the World Urban Forum, Vancouver, June, 2006. Available in English and Spanish through the NFB.

Vacations from the Heart, Story-editor (Insight Productions for Global TV, 2004), a one-hour film about volunteer vacations

Cooking Fun for Families,Writer, Co-producer, 2 short non-broadcast films about a cooking and nutrition project in Vancouvers inner-city schools.

Rain Wolves, Co-writer,(Discovery Canada, Rainshadow Media, 2003) a one hour film for television about the coastal wolves of B.C.s Great Bear Rainforest

Finding the Future, Story-editor, co-producer, researcher (Vision TV, SCN, 2002)
a series of 13 half hour television interview programs with Des Kennedy as host. Interviewees include: Linda McQuaig, Hunter Lovins, Jim Green, Matthew Fox, Frances Moore Lappe, Michael M’Gonigle – among others.

ReInventing the World, Co-writer, co-producer (Vision TV, SCN, 2001)
a series of five one-hour documentaries about some of the major issues facing us as a society: food, work and time, sustainable cities, economics. This series hosted by writer Des Kennedy, features some of the major thinkers and writers of today who offer insightful ways of approaching problems in order to live more sustainable lives.

“This is thoughtful television, full of talking heads… the heads talk well and the series is important.” Silver Donald Cameron, Halifax Herald, April 8/01

Award : Best non-European production, Prix Leonardo, Parma, Italy

The Man We Called Juan Carlos, Writer, co-producer, co-director, narrator (Vision TV, Knowledge Network, SCN, 2001) a one-hour film that explores the filmmakers25-year relationship with a Guatemalan activist, the life choices we make, and the price we pay when we commit to political and spiritual ideals.

This sophisticated, troubling film raises important questions about human rights, the personal price of refusing to assent to evil and the responsibility of theobjectivejournalist who bears witness at somebody elses cost…I was surprised and then enthralled by this powerful documentary.Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun, March 17/01

“This film is a powerful telling of an inspiring life of generosity and courage in the midst of evil goings-on. A reminder of how important and how costly the struggle for justice is.” Matthew Fox, President, University of Creation Spirituality, author,“One River, Many Wells”

Award : Silver Chris award, Columbus International Film Festival

GoodWood, Writer, co-producer (CBCs The Nature of Things,1998)
a one- hour documentary that asks “Can we have jobs and trees?” It introduces various examples of sustainable forestry in Honduras, Mexico, British Columbia, and the United States.

Its an inspiring, heart-lifting film about the possibilities that await those who learn to see old things in new ways.Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun.

Award : Columbus International Film&video Festival, Vermont International Film Festival, Equinox Environmental Film Festival

River of Sand, story-editor (Kensington Communications, Toronto, for Vision TV, 1999) a one-hour documentary for Vision TV about Bruce Cockburns travels in Mali in search of music and answers to development questions.

The Monarch: A Butterfly Beyond Borders, Co-writer, co-producer (Discovery Channel, 1998) a one-hour documentary exploring the natural history of this astonishing insect, and the threats to its annual migration. Filmed in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

“This video, superbly done, tells it all in a way that fans the flames of interest and wonder over this marvelous migratory insect, and its plight and the implications of that plight for man.” The Toledo Blade)

Awards: International Wildlife Film Festival, Gemini nomination, Hazel Wold Environmental Film Festival, Bronze Apple, National Educational Media Network, Columbus International Film & Video Festival.

Ways We Live: Exploring Community, Writer, co-producer (Vision TV, SCN, 1997) a ten-part television series and companion book (new society publishers, 1997), that explore the meaning and expression of community in our lives.

“It is precisely because Ways We Live is politically astute without being partisan that it is so compelling. This is the kind of television that asks the viewer to go on a personal voyage of discovery over several weeks, without making any snap judgments or belabouring a single point of view.” Alex Strachan, Vancouver Sun, March 3, 1997

Award : Bronze award (for Reclaiming Community) National Educational Media Network

Changing Places,Writer, co-producer. Produced for the United Nations Population Fund, this documentary explores urbanization, population, and the role of women by focussing on three exceptional housing projects in Vancouver, Bangkok, and Mexico City.

How Much is Enough?, Story-editor, co-producer,(1992), a half-hour documentary on overpopulation and over-consumption (part of the series,“How to Save the Earth” with Jonathon Porritt, North-South Productions and Channel Four)

Award : North American Environmental Film Festival

The Best We Have to Give?, Writer, co-producer (Co-produced with North-South Prod., London, CIDA and TV Ontario, 1989) a half-hour documentary about the impact international debt has on the basic needs of children in one African country: Ghana. Part of the“Stolen Childhood“series. Cover story with photo on the Globe and MailsBroadcast Week, summer, 1988

Awards : Blue Ribbon, American Film&Video Festival, Columbus Film Festival; Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival


Co-producer and/or writer:The Worlds Children* (13 short educational documentaries), A Moveable Feast: A Film about Breastfeeding , Roots of Hunger, Roots of Change (desertification in Senegal, for Church World Service, U..S.), The Heart of the Lotus (for the Bahai Faith, Haifa, Israel), Replanting the Tree of Life (educational film about the importance of trees), Growing Up in the World Next Door , Power and Partnership and One Small Story of Success (about development in Zimbabwe), Words: Four Stories About Becoming Literate , Willing to Learn (women and literacy in St. Vincent); dozens of television and radio public service announcements for NGOs such as Catholic Relief Services, CanSave, Unitarian Service Committee, Oxfam America, Mennonite Central Committee.

Other Experience:

TEACHING: Writing 410 through the University of Victorias Fine Arts/Writing Dept., a summer course on documentary writing and interviewing.

WRITING (book reviews, Alternatives Magazine), story-editing (for the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, University of Victoria), an e-learning course on climate change; numerous documentary story-editing and freelance writing assignments

ORGANIZING & PUBLICIZING FILM SCREENINGS: in various venues over the years in Toronto and Victoria.
Jurist:for the Manitoba Film Festival, the Victoria Film Festival, the B.C. Arts Council, and the Canadian International Development Agency(CIDA – the Deborah Fletcher Award)

GUEST WORKSHOPS, PANELS, AND SCREENINGS: I have taught guest classes at the University of Victorias Writing Dept; at the Canadian College of Business and the Arts, Victoria; at the Vancouver Film School; at the University of British Columbia (urban anthropology); the University of Victoria (sociology and ESL); Pearson College of the Pacific; Worldview International Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal; and the Hazel Wolf Film Festival in Washington.


I have been a board member of the CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), Northwest Environment Watch/Centre for Integral Economics and am currently a board member of Movie Monday, an innovative film screening program in Victoria with a special focus on mental health issues

I was honoured with a Victoria YWCA Woman of Distinction Award (Communications) in 1997.