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Jobs vs. Trees

can we preserve our forests but use them to keep and create jobs as well?

This has become the focus of a heated and polarized debate here in Canada and around the world, and we haven’t come very far in finding viable solutions, nor in sharing the responsibility.

Is there another way? Could the selective harvesting and selling of“goodwood”, wood from forests logged in an environmentally sensitive way, be part of the answer? Are we, the consumers of wood, also part of the solution? What can we learn from other places?

From a village chair-making project in Honduras to a design school in Nelson, B.C., from a community-based forestry in Mexico to more than 3,000 items made from certified wood sold in a British retail chain, vital links are being made and important steps taken to keep people employed, and at the same time, help preserve the world’s forests.

Goodwood is written by Heather MacAndrew and produced and directed by David Springbett of Asterisk Productions Ltd., and produced with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). It is produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, with the participation of Canada Television and Cable and Production Fund – License Fee Program, and with the assistance of British Columbia Film and Film Incentive BC and the Canadian Film and Video Tax Credit.

Goodwood premiered on CBC Television’s The Nature of Things on November 26, 1998.

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