Ways We Live

Program One
Community Animals
What’s happened to our sense of community? In the first of ten programs, some of today’s leading thinkers explore fundamental questions of work, time, values, change and how we will live together in the next millennium.

Program Two
Virtually Intentional
Is community a place or a state of mind? An 800 year old order of cloistered nuns, an urban commune and cyberspace…It’s surprising how much they have in common.

Program Three
Community by Design
From hometown to the ‘burbs – and back again. It’s not just the design of our houses and neighbourhoods that has changed over the years. Out ways of living in our communities have changed too – but who gets to make the decisions?

Program Four
Making Shelter – My Home With Others
A roof overhead isn’t always enough to keep you warm … This program looks at how both the poor and the middle class have found the shelter of community by changing the ways they think about housing.

Program Five
Reclaiming Community
Two compelling stories of urban community renewal – a park in downtown Toronto and a community garden in Oakland, California, illustrate how communities can take back public space and forge new bonds of trust, safety and togetherness.

Program Six
Aging with Community
Where do we find community and retain our independence as we grow old? Two very different options are profiled: a gaited community for the newly retired and an Abbeyfield home for older but still independent people seeking a family community.

Program Seven
The Boundaries of Change
How do communities cope with change? Richmond B.C. is a city on fast-forward whose changing demographics have radically altered its community over the years. How can people balance the need to accept change, while especting each other’s personal boundaries for community?

Program Eight
Finding Us and Them
Who is“us“and who is“them”? This program asks some difficult questions about how we, as a society, treat those who don’t seem to fit… And it shows us unconditional love in action as street people, the mentally ill and physically challenged find places to belong. “”:http://www.newsociety.com/ttl.html

Program Nine
On the Road
There’s more to the RV life than spending your children’s inheritance…Anthropologists David and Dorothy Counts take us on the road to New Mexico and Texas to explore a fascinating world of adventure and strong community ties.

Program Ten
Maps with Teeth
Just where is“here”? Mapping is an ingenious way to communicate visually a sense of place – be it rural or urban – by the people who live in and care for that place. The process of creating bioregional maps creates the potential for change and a sustainable future. Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada. Produced in association with Vision TV and British Columbia Film and with the participation of The